Arnaldo Arbonies

As a kid, I was always taking photos. Some of first few cameras were actually disposable. I was always looking out for moments to capture, but I would never do anything with them.

It wasn’t until I started a family that I truly found my inspiration. With three children, Natashaly, Jasmine and Xavier, I was overcome with powerful emotions and true inspiration and I couldn’t resist capturing each precious moment! Recording my kid’s history is what sparked my true passion and made me realize that telling the story behind the lens wasn’t just a hobby. That’s when I said, “I really need to do something with this.” So, as my kids were going to school, I was going to school. And after four years, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Videography and Post-Production.


Experience and Expertise

For nearly a decade I worked at KelbyOne where I learned from and worked alongside industry experts. Dedicating their lives to their respected specialties, I eventually got a taste of nearly every field of the craft from the most qualified leaders in them. Together, we created online courses for anyone interested in photography and videography; helping others realize and grow their talents was fulfilling, to say the least.

Today I use my experience as a tool to capture and extend a story or message. Whether it’s something unspoken between my children, the backstory to a charitable entrepreneur or the second a player realizes he made the difference between a win and a loss, any moment that inspires a feeling is worth recording.


Behind the Lens

Instead of directing you, I want to discover your message and the best way to communicate it. Experience with advanced equipment and lighting is one thing but having a vision on how to apply them is another. I know that as a photographer and videographer, the more I listen and take in the more my lens can truly capture. So, whether headshots, event videography or a promotional reel, we’ll meet to discuss your message and its context before we begin. Together we’ll develop and extend the story behind your brand, your life or your relationship. Everyone has a story. And everyone can appreciate a well-told story. My goal is to understand yours, truly record it in its entirety and help you share it in its most genuine form.

You’re not just getting point-and-shoot results. My camera isn’t set on auto. Understanding how to use equipment to its full capacity is the difference between catching that moment and watching it pass.



We offer outdoor family photography, engagement photos, maternity photos, you name it. Capturing a meaningful or playful exchange between couples and families is one of the most rewarding projects we can take part in.



Photography & Videography

Let’s bring your brand’s story and mission to life through commercials and promotional materials unique to you and your company.



Portraits & Headshots

Whether corporate headshots, model headshots or family photos, creating the right setting is the key to capturing the perfect shot.

Derrick Brooks Celebrity Weeking - A2Edit Productions



Working close to the action for NASCAR and the Tampa Bay Rowdies, live-action photography is one of our passions.



Videography & Photography

If you have a team event or you’re looking to create new promotional materials, with a Remote Pilot Drone Certification we can capture everything from just a few feet to 400 feet in the air.



Photography & Videography

Corporate events, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries. Whatever your event is we can capture it in stills or even create a video to commemorate the moment.

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